Vikalpa Meet


Unlimited Secure State-of-the-art Videoconferencing in India


Vikalpa Meet


Vikalpa Meet provides secure dedicated videoconferencing cloud servers for privacy aware user groups and organizations, primarily those based in India.

  • Ready-to-use system - up and running in minutes
  • Fully managed cloud servers - guaranteed uptime
  • Secure systems - hardened servers monitored 24x7
  • Dedicated capacity - servers exclusively dedicated for your use
  • Branded for you - with your organization brand and logo.

What You Get

  • HD video streams - high quality HD video, adjustable bandwidth
  • Encrypted - strong encrypted video streams, confidentiality guaranteed
  • Unlimited - any number of meeting participants, no limit
  • Always-on - use anytime anywhere, 24x7, for as long as you need
  • Authentication - strong user authentication and access control
  • Embedded chat - group or private p2p individual chats within video meeting
  • Screen sharing - share presentations, application windows, external videos, anything
  • Whiteboard - collaborate as a team to create documents together in real-time
  • Recording - save meeting videos for review, analytics, and archiving
  • Support - just an email or message away (if your Vikalpa servers ever need it).

Leverage the unique expertise of the Vikalpa experts:

  • Custom features (optional premium) - top experts to customize to your special needs

Why Vikalpa Meet

Only Vikalpa Meet offers the following unique business advantages for you.

No per user cost!

No time metered meetings.

Use as much as you need!

Increase capacity as your need grows.

Customizations to suit your need.

Vikalpa Meet Is "Local"

Not a byte leaves India

Vikalpa Meet servers are by default located in India. If all your meeting participants are on Indian networks, video data never leave India or touch any server outside India. If you frequently have large video meets with many participants from other geographies, we offer Vikalpa Meet servers on six continents for efficient distributed scale-up.

Beyond Videoconferencing

Unleash the full power of Vikalpa Meet - premium extensions to empower you

Extend your online virtual teamwork capability maturity beyond videoconferencing with our powerful, advanced, and unique Vikalpa premium features. Additional features are constantly being developed and added to the offerings.

  • AI powered analytics - AI powered modules to extract business intelligence from videos
  • AI noise cancellation - AI powered modules to isolate your video meet from ambient noise
  • AI powered transcription - AI powered modules to automatically transcribe your video meets into text transcripts
  • Graphical whiteboard - Graphical whiteboard for real-time collaborative creation of diagrams, figures, and drawings
  • And much more.

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Email us at: vikalpa /at/ vikalpa /dot/ in